Edi Bilimoria

Edi Bilimoria is a student of the perennial philosophy for over half a century. He has given courses and lectured extensively in the UK, and internationally in California, the Netherlands, India, and Australia, to encourage the cross fertilization of ideas in the fields of science, religion, and practical philosophy. Edi has published widely in the disciplines of science, engineering, esoteric philosophy, and occult science. 

Unfolding Consciousness constitutes a watershed in the history of science and philosophy. A matchless work in four volumes, it draws on science and the Mystery Teachings of all ages to reveal the primacy of consciousness, not matter, being the key to unlock innumerable conundrums about the universe, nature, and human beings on all levels of existence, seen and unseen.

Unfolding Consciousness

Learn more about Edi’s latest book series, Unfolding Consciousness: Exploring the Living Universe and Intelligent Powers in Nature and Humans. A tour de force on science and the philosophia perennis in three Volumes plus volume IV that contains references, resources & further reading. The complete set of 4 volumes is presented in a slip case.


“I know of no other work of such scope and depth relating to the ultimate questions raised by human existence both in terms of our origins and destiny.”

David Lorimer

Chair of the Galileo Commission and International Programme Director, the Scientific and Medical Network, Editor of Paradigm Explorer

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Robert Kuhn’s “A Landscape of Consciousness”

Robert Kuhn’s “A Landscape of Consciousness”

I am honoured to have been mentioned in Robert Kuhn’s review article on major theories of consciousness, titled A Landscape of Consciousness: Toward a Taxonomy of Explanations and Implications. Recently published in Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, the complete Open Access article is now available online, with a print version coming out in August.

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The Three Murderous Agencies of Society

The Three Murderous Agencies of Society

As recounted in the Masonic legend of CHiram Abiff, the three murderous agencies of society which seek to destroy Truth are the bigotry of the church, the tyranny of the state, and the fury of the mob.1 It will not be difficult to ascertain the chief murderous agency responsible for the imprisonment, torture, and death of that courageous and valiant soul, Alexei Anatolyevich Navalny.

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