About Edi Bilimoria

Edi Bilimoria


Born in India and educated at the universities of London, Sussex and Oxford, Edi Bilimoria presents an unusual blend of experience in the fields of science, the arts and philosophy.

Professionally, Edi was a consultant engineer to the petrochemical, oil and gas, transport, and construction industries. He was Project Manager and Head of Design for major innovative projects such as the Channel Tunnel, London Underground systems, and offshore installations. He also worked in safety and environmental engineering and management for several Royal Navy projects, including the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier and the fleet of River-class offshore patrol vessels. Edi’s Rolls-Royce funded doctoral research paper on gas turbine thermofluids was awarded the Thomas Lowe Gray Prize by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He has also received industry ‘recognition of achievement’ and ‘impact achievements’ awards for safety and environmental management of petrochemical complexes and defence projects.  

A student of the perennial philosophy for over half a century, Edi has given courses and lectured extensively in the UK, and internationally in California, the Netherlands, India, and Australia. He has organized and chaired conferences in order to encourage the cross-fertilization of ideas in the fields of science, religion and practical philosophy. He worked as Education Manager for the Theosophical Society in Australia developing courses and study papers, researching, lecturing and organizing international conferences; as well as supervising the Research Library, National Media Library, National Members Lending Library and the development of the website. 

Edi has published many informative articles and papers in the disciplines of science, engineering, and esoteric philosophy. In 2007, his book The Snake and the Rope was awarded the Book Prize by the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN). In 2023, this present work, consisting of four volumes, was awarded the SMN’s Grand Prize. Applauded by many, it is considered to be the most penetrating and all-embracing work on consciousness written in decades, and possibly ever. 

For many years Edi was a Board Director of the SMN. He now serves as a Trustee of the SMN and in an advisory capacity to both the Board and the SMN’s Galileo Commission, a project set up to find ways to expand science and open up public discourse on the subject. 

Edi is also a Trustee and Council Member of the Francis Bacon Society. 

An enthusiastic glider pilot for many years, Edi is a choral singer and a dedicated pianist of concert standard. 


The benefit of Edi’s work in science and engineering is that it has enabled him to understand and approach interdisciplinary problems in an innovative, lateral-thinking manner under time and budgetary constraints. It has also provided the necessary team-working, supervision and management skills with the opportunity to actuate eternal principles on an organizational level, in line with his belief that spirituality is reserved not only for quiet retreats, but also applies to daily working life.

The outcome of Edi’s involvement in music and the perennial philosophy is a discernment of the higher laws governing all life and existence, at all levels, and the necessity of striving to live with integrity according to this realization.

His latest four volume work, Unfolding Consciousness: Exploring the Living Universe and Intelligent Powers in Nature and Humans, constitutes a watershed in the history of science, contrasting Science with Ancient Philosophy on Consciousness and Man, drawing on a galaxy of world-class authorities.