Science, Philosophy, and the Power of Consciousness

Official science is surrounded on every side and hedged in by unapproachable, forever impenetrable mysteries. And why? Simply because physical science is self-doomed to a squirrel-like progress around a wheel of matter limited by our five senses [emphasis added]’.

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Searching for Extra-terrestrial Life – A Good Use or Squandering of Money?

‘Everything in the Universe, throughout all its kingdoms, is conscious: i.e., endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception. We men must remember that because we do not perceive any signs – which we can recognise – of consciousness, say, in stones, we have no right to say that no consciousness exists there.

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The Janus Faces of Mind and Brain: Where the Perennial Philosophy Meets Neuroscience

Since time immemorial, the sages of all cultures have taught that Mind per se is unitary, but it can function in two radically opposing yet, ideally, complementary, ways. This central teaching has now been endorsed from the evidence furnished by modern science. This article demonstrates how this has come about.

What is Mind?

The perennial philosophy disseminated through the teaching of all ages and epochs (e.g., Vedanta and Buddhism in the East, Qabbalah and Rosicrucianism in the West) has ever maintained that the very ‘stuff’ of our universe is Consciousness. It is the primary ‘Element’, the ground of our being. Mind may then be regarded as a generic term embracing the sum of states of Consciousness, grouped under Thought, Feeling, and Will.

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The Profane and the Sacred

The Creation is an oratorio written by Joseph Haydn (1732–1809), which depicts and rejoices in the creation of the world as described in the Book of Genesis. The Chorus, The Heavens Are Telling opens with the words: ‘The heavens are telling the glory of God, The wonder of his work displays the firmament.’

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Man’s place in the Universe

When you consider the scope, width and erudition of this work, it is not surprising that it took its author over 20 years to complete. Most philosophical books take a single view of the problem of consciousness, either scientific or philosophical, but Edi Bilimoria takes a much wider, more inclusive view…

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From Tim Wyatt, ESOTERICA Magazine

“Let’s be blunt – this is probably the most important and penetrating work on consciousness which has been written in many decades – and possibly ever. Apart from that it represents a hammer blow to scientific hubris…

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Why is Vladimir Putin weak and powerless?

Looking through worldly eyes, President Putin and totalitarian dictators of that ilk, whose names we prefer not to mention are, of course, regarded as immensely powerful men – until their eventual ignominious downfall…

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Who is the Unfolding Consciousness reader?

This book is aimed at the serious enquirer and researcher who genuinely appreciates the major contributions of science and the worth of religions and philosophies towards our increasing knowledge of the world and advancement of human welfare.

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About the Unfolding Consciousness book series

This is not simply another book, but a living, breathing entity with its own being and life—to be entered into and relished. If you are looking for a work to expand and deepen your own understanding of the perennial wisdom tradition, real Science (as opposed to pseudo-science) and the nature of Consciousness, these Volumes are for you.

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