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Consciousness Came First: The Exploring Consciousness Series, TS New Zealand

Join Edi Sunday 30th June at 08:30 am BST for “Consciousness Came First” a part of the Theosophical Society New Zealand’s  “Exploring Consciousness Series” featuring different presenters from across the globe, each taking all of us on a unique journey in Exploring Consciousness.


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Consciousness Came First

As one world, our pressing need is for a renaissance and restitution of what it means to be really human. Is this because of the spiritual vacuum created by the global monopoly of scientific materialism on knowledge associated with the domination of secular values? Are sophisticated financial and commercial schemes, trading deals, and innovative technology the most effective ways of tackling the economic, health, and psychological challenges confronting humanity, notwithstanding the problem of peaceful international co-existence compounded by the looming environmental crisis threatening our planet?

This presentation argues that humanity has undoubtedly derived considerable material benefit from an age dominated by scientific technology, but it has forgotten the Key—the perennial philosophy—which reveals the spiritual origins and the true nature of the universe and of humanity. By pointing to what it means to be truly human, these Volumes place the Key firmly back in the hands of the seeker by disclosing the means to restore humanityto human beings, and revealing, unequivocally, the unfolding and expression of the universal, world-pervading Element through all the Kingdoms of Nature—Consciousness.

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