This book is aimed at the serious enquirer and researcher who genuinely appreciates the major contributions of science and the worth of religions and philosophies towards our increasing knowledge of the world and advancement of human welfare.

He or she will will already have undertaken considerable study and research on a wide range of topics embracing science and religion, philosophy and culture but will eventually have realized that no single discipline has a monopoly on truth.

The reader therefore yearns for something overarching and eminently practical that integrates and synthesizes the tenets of science, religion, and philosophy, which can be applied, rather like an algebraic formula of universal precepts, to respond to the pressing needs of each individual; and to resolve the interminable debates in science (our dominant paradigm) as also between science and religion on issues like evolution, purpose and destiny, the nature of consciousness, and what it truly means to be a human being as opposed to an animated robot or a biological mechanism.