About the Unfolding Consciousness book series

18 Feb, 2022 | Blog

This is not simply another book, but a living, breathing entity with its own being and life—to be entered into and relished. If you are looking for a work to expand and deepen your own understanding of the perennial wisdom tradition, real Science (as opposed to pseudo-science) and the nature of Consciousness, these Volumes are for you.

In comparatively recent history mainstream science has affirmed that consciousness arises from the brain, but among modern, enlightened scientists there is a ‘new’ paradigm—the primacy of consciousness, something the ancient Mystery Teachings have always known. In short, there is nothing but Consciousness unfolding from its Unmanifest and Implicate realms, through the Cosmos and Man.

Edi Bilimoria’s four volume work constitutes a watershed in the history of science, contrasting Science with Ancient Philosophy on Consciousness and Man, drawing on a galaxy of world-class authorities. The result is a closely woven garment that lights up the night sky in the fields of science, philosophy, religion and art. The turning of each page educes the reader’s own ideas and for this reason it brings much enjoyment and insight.