Bridging the Chasms Between Matter, Mind and Spirit

15 Dec, 2022 | Blog

“Science has been triumphant in understanding the material universe and applying the laws of nature in the development of new technologies for humanity’s benefit. But it has achieved this at the price of neglecting other equally important areas, such as mental and spiritual experience. There is a now a dawning realisation—as evidenced by the emergence of the post-materialist science movement—that science must expand beyond the material domain. One needs a new paradigm and a key feature of this must be the realization that consciousness is a fundamental, rather than incidental, feature of the Universe.

The unique achievement of this work is to put this endeavour in a proper conceptual and historical context. For while the search for an expanded paradigm might be viewed as a recent development, it has also been the basis of esoteric traditions—in particular, the perennial philosophy—and occult sciences which go back a thousand years and stem from a variety of both Eastern and Western cultures. Many books have focussed on extending science towards perennial philosophy but without making a link with the occult sciences. Other books have focused on occult sciences without making a link with modern science. They are therefore like two outstretched hands which do not quite connect. This work completes the connection, rather like the two hands in the famous picture by Michelangelo.

This is a magnum opus in every sense of the word. For its thousand pages, spread over three volumes, are not just about the link between traditional and esoteric science. They are also about the many connections between the worlds of matter, mind and spirit. While everyone has a foot in all three worlds, most of us are mainly drawn to just one because success in life—be it on the scientific, artistic or mystical fronts—usually requires narrowly-focussed dedication. However, a full understanding of the universe must embrace all three worlds and Edi Bilimoria is one of the few people with the breadth of vision and width of knowledge required to expound on this. The result is a work which will surely play a vital role in bridging the chasms between matter, mind and spirit.”

BERNARD CARR, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, Queen Mary University of London, and President of the Scientific and Medical Network