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17 Sep, 2023 | Blog

“Unfolding Consciousness: Exploring the Living Universe and Intelligent Powers in Nature and Humans” by Dr. Edi Bilimoria is NOW available! Only £24.99 for the FULL Four Volume Set!  HERE on Amazon Kindle UK, On Apple Books and globally wherever eBooks are sold.





“The consciousness of the world is itself at a crossroads and in need of transformation. Edi Bilimoria with his 4 Volume tome, Unfolding Consciousness: Exploring the Living Universe and the Intelligent Powers in Nature and Humans, has stepped forward and answered the challenge of forming a new paradigm that synthesizes the ageless wisdom with modern science. Over the years I have observed Edi’s intense quest for knowledge at various conferences, lectures, and workshops. He is a very personable individual of the finest character, and is one of the few individuals I have come across who has the determination, fortitude, breath of vision, and skills to pull off such a daunting task.

After some 20 years of intense research, reflection and writing, the result of his efforts is worthy of great admiration. His work is comprehensive, clearly written, thought provoking, touching vast ranges of the sciences and perennial wisdom, and presents an understandable and balanced synthesis of what amounts to a new and profound way of looking at the world. One in which consciousness and its trans- formation is central. I highly recommend Edi Bilimoria’s 4 Volume masterpiece to anyone seeking an understanding of where the Ageless Wisdom and Science are mutually supportive of humanity and the world’s need for deep insight and transformative experience.”

Scott Olsen, Professor Emeritus of philosophy & religion at the College of Central Florida