“Let’s be blunt – this is probably the most important and penetrating work on consciousness which has been written in many decades – and possibly ever. Apart from that it represents a hammer blow to scientific hubris.

A number of previous attempts have been made to explore the gaping gulfs and flimsy bridges between hard, contemporary science and the occult understanding contained in the Ageless Wisdom or perennial philosophy currently enshrined by such movements as theosophy. No one has yet offered such a comprehensive assessment as Dr Bilimoria. This is a master-work by a modern-day polymath, the result of two decades of research and seven years in the writing. (This reviewer uses the word ‘polymath advisedly. As an engineer Dr Bilimoria helped build the Channel Tunnel and the UK’s latest warship. He has authored award-winning books. And as well as being an experienced glider pilot he is also an accomplished concert pianist.)

Unfolding Consciousness details the stark inabilities of conventional science to explain the mysteries of life, man, the world or the cosmos – and science’s implacable refusal to define consciousness other than as a supposed epiphenomenon of the brain  One of Dr Bilimoria’s main contentions is that a fetish-like adherence and fanatical devotion to materialistic science has transformed it into what he calls ‘scientism’ which is unquestioningly and almost universally revered as the new world religion.

He writes: ‘…the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were promising times for a rapprochement between science and spirituality. Thereafter, materialism as a legitimate element of scientific thought gradually hardened into an ideology and then into a dogma. Despite the findings of quantum physics, this ideology became so dominant in academia, and learned societies in the twentieth century, that the majority of scientists unquestioningly believed that it was based on empirical evidence and therefore represented the one and only credible view of the world.’

Not only does this monumental work offer the most comprehensive exposition of consciousness, it persuasively dismantles those smug certainties and blinkered assertions which haunt most laboratories. This re-vitalising of ancient, epic and eternal ideas is a work of immense significance and importance – especially in these fractured times.

Displaying meticulous scholarship, minute attention to detail and panoramic research Unfolding Consciousness is not only a challenge to scientific thinking. It is a book with the potential to change attitudes (even of the most stubbornly hard-headed) and administer stimulating shocks to the collective scientific mind-set pickled and blinded by the supposed supremacy of materialism. It is perhaps the most powerful demolition job to date of these futile, archaic and arthritic views.

Effectively, Dr Bilimoria has produced a full-blooded manifesto to help kick-start that long-awaited convergence of hard science with its occult cousin. It is both a history book and blueprint for a new era.

Embedded throughout the entire 1,300 plus page narrative runs an urgent mantric rhythm constantly stressing the vital importance of free, unrestricted thinking and highlighting the need for new paradigms of thought.

Volume I contrasts the radically different approaches and conclusions of modern natural science and its much older occult counterpart. Volume II deals with man’s occult constitution and the mechanics of death and re-birth. Volume III widens the perspective to explore how occult science views the unfoldment of humanity as well as the cosmos. And Volume IV has a mass of additional material and timelines.

This book is most certainly not for the faint-hearted and requires both time and dedication to absorb. For those who persist, it provides rich revelations. Its ideas are so crucial that this reviewer suggests the publishers produce a concise, redacted version for the general reader.” 

Thank you so much Tim. 

ESOTERICA “Insight into the Ageless Wisdom” can be found here: www.theosoc.org.uk