The Scientific and Medical Network – Mystics and Scientists, November 2021:

Newton as Scientist, Mystic and Occultist

The webinar recording is here and also below.

Feedback on the lecture

  • Dr Natalie Tobert – Medical Anthropologist, Education Director of Aethos Training: I thought your talk was great. Clear, precise, lots of alternative insights. With plenty of questions afterwards.
  • Richard Silberstein – Professor Emeritus at Swinburne University of Technology and director of the Brain Sciences Institute: Thank you so much for such a wonderful talk on Isaac Newton. I knew a little of Newton’s occult interests but your talk painted a broader and more interesting perspective.
  • Marilyn Monk – Emeritus Professor of Molecular Embryology at UCL London and, previously, Honorary Professor at University of Melbourne, and Adjunct Professor at Monash University in Australia. I just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed your talk on Wednesday. Your presentation of the different aspects of Newtons life was new to me (I only ever knew his three laws) and I found that I identified very much in terms of my own life being very similar. I also totally identified with the list of aspects of his character.
  • David Lorimer – Programme Director, the Scientific and Medical Network: You gave us a splendid and profound presentation last night and I’m most appreciative of all the effort you put in – people were blown away by what you said.